The Long-term Plan

Today I resolved to stop being hasty and learn to savour every milestone of my journey.

I noticed that recently I have been running too fast to the point of being exhausted. Worse is that there often comes disappointment with it. It could be because the end state of who I want to become is very clear in my head, yet I have not really determined when I was targeting to reach it. Therefore I have treated every passing day as if it was my deadline to become my ideal me.

As Pastor Brian often says, “the best is yet to come”. I am a fan of this phrase of wisdom, but I think practically, we should set milestones along our lifelong journey to be our “best”. Simple things such as “next year I shall aim to have learned a new skill that will help up my game at work”, or “in three years I shall aim to become a corporate leader at any capacity”. I believe that it is when we do this that we truly start walking towards our goals. And our goal should not ever be to reach our “end state”, it should be to become better along the way, just as God has designed our lives to be: beautifully progressing.

Praise God for this wonderful journey of life.

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