Because the best is yet to come

Today being the eve of my birthday, I decided that I’ll do something different and actually do nothing. Right now you’d see me sitting alone in our dining room, staring blankly at our backyard, which I would usually just ignore but today I’m staring at in awe. It’s totally not normal for me to decide on something like this, but every once in a while I have to – for the sake of breaking life’s monotony and starting again with genuine excitement and appreciation.


From Valleys to Hills

My 26th year has not been easy. Looking back I imagine so many events that I wish hadn’t taken place. But the good news is that they have, and I’ve lived through them. It would be a daunting task to write all of those events down, and frankly I wouldn’t want to. Suffice it to say that I live to tell the tale, but only the first part; the tale goes on and now the resolution is slowly kicking in – but not in your fairy tale standards.

My 26th year has been rewarding. In terms that perhaps not everyone would agree with. Yes, blessings were abundant and favors were rampant all year round. But reality is, what the world considers to be blessings usually come and fade away. True blessings for me happen from within; they are positive changes brought forth by what has caused me grief and distress initially. Yes – they come in all forms and shapes, but the best ones are given by God in the most unusual ways, sometimes wrapped in undesirable trimmings.

Brought to Light

It is said quite often that we don’t necessarily remember the things said and done, but we always remember how they made us feel. And those feelings are what would live on to become the story teller of our lives.

In my 26th year I felt that:

…The more impossible it is to get out of a difficult situation, the more possible it is for God to bring me out of it.
…Courage and boldness would take me far, but humility is what would make me enjoy the ride and keep my pace.
…People will always disappoint and hurt me, but if I choose to love them anyway, the reward is doubled.
…Rumors never produce anything healthy, regardless of the truth behind them.
…No matter how hard I try, I sometimes give in to negative thoughts; but just in case I do, I should never allow them to manifest into negative actions.
…Forgiveness could sometimes be a long process, but we should never stop until it is completed.
…Everything is desirable from afar, but only a few remain that way up close.
…I can never get rid of a bad habit unless I replace it with a healthy one.
…I should be wise in choosing people whom I allow to mold my life.
…I need to make a stand and choose one place to get planted and truly flourish.

The Best is yet to come

What could be the end of an arduous year could perhaps signify the beginning of a year filled with overflowing wisdom and definition. And I intend to welcome it with anticipation of God’s many more promises coming to life.

Almighty God, please surprise me! I trust in Your goodness. In Jesus’ Name.


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