Dear Heaven,

ImageToday I had to go home from work later than usual. Saying that it was a tiring day is a big understatement. I had diagrams to draw, documents to write, scripts to debug, and emails to respond to. I even took my lunch an hour later because I was caught up in a meeting. Day by day I feel that it’s not getting easier. I guess it’s true what they say; that the more ambitious you get, the higher the price you have to pay. At least in this world.

That leads me to wonder, what does it feel like to be up there inside you? A few days ago I saw this book called “Heaven is for Real” and I got so excited. I’ve read that angels sing up there every minute and that night time doesn’t come because God’s glory shines brighter than the sun; that must be so cool. Apparently animals are very friendly there, even the tigers; I would love to ride one. The flowers bloom regardless of season, and everyone smiles at you like they mean it. There’s rainbows everywhere even though I’m pretty sure storms don’t hit you. The roads sparkle like gold, and bright colors cover your sceneries. No one gets sick either, nor become hungry or thirsty. And there’s no worrying that tomorrow you’ll get older because you spend eternity there. Most importantly, my Lord Jesus governs you entirely. And I’m pretty sure He does the job 1,000,000 times better than our traditional politicians. it must be awesome to live inside you.

Heaven, why do I need to wait so long to enter you? I know it would be infinitely better to spend a day inside you than a thousand years elsewhere. And before I forget, can you tell Jesus how amazing and loving He is? Because in His arms I am ensured that when I breathe my last breath, I will be carried towards you.



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