It All Started Again When

We all know how it feels when the spirit is willing yet the flesh is weak. It’s a different story though when the flesh is left with no choice because the spirit is kicking and punching with willingness. I believe that’s what happens when God puts thousands of thoughts into your head that you find no other means to store them than in writing.

This journal is the wonderful outcome of that event.

God placed His spirit in all of us to communicate with us His thoughts, His desires, and His secrets even. It would be a total waste to just let them be heard and then forgotten, or totally neglected at worst. Thus a journal is important (this is me reminding myself why I need to make updates often).

And then there’s also the talkative side of me that loves talking about, guess what, me. But I resolve to talk only about me when there’s non-me’s involved. Yes, I shall try but I’m not making promises.

It will be exciting times ahead as this journal slowly (yet surely) gets filled with God’s thoughts, desires, and secrets, treasured moments with friends and families, and me (I said I wasn’t making any promises).

By the way, I have about two or three other journal sites lurking around the net. They’re all pretty much dormant now. So here’s me attempting another one (unlike my previous ones, hopefully this one survives the test of time and laziness).


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